Monday, January 07, 2008

Very scary...

To have only 70 some-odd days left until the little guy makes his debut...I'm 30 weeks.

I'm scrambling to get as much writing done as possible in the absence of data (I won't really get any until the spring semester is underway). I'm also putting together the nursery and sorting through little clothes and baby things I haven't looked at in three years. Luckily we got a nice pile of loaner clothes, since Leia had maybe three unisex items in her entire first-year wardrobe.

Oh, and Leia informs me that she also has a baby in her tummy, and likes to have me feel him kick. Here is another conversation we had a few days ago:

Leia: Mommy, how did my baby brother get into your tummy?
Me: (praying this will suffice) Well, Mommy and Daddy made him, and we put him there until he gets big enough to come out.
Leia: How will he come out?
Me: (hopeful since the first pseudo-explanation seemed to fly) We'll go to the hospital and the doctor helps Mommy get him out.
Leia: How?
Me: The doctor helps...
Leia: But HOW???
Me: (so much for lame euphemisms) Well...he comes out through Mommy's vagina.


She considers this for a few minutes.

Leia: When you and Daddy go to the hospital, can I come too?
Me: You'll stay with Me-Ma and Papa Bear and then come see us once the baby is out. How does that sound?
Leia: Well, I want to go with you. I want to see what happens.

Always the skeptic. Who can blame her?


Lauren said...

Lol! That's hilarious. I'm told that when I saw my mother having my brother (at home on the commune) I told her "he's beautiful mommy." All I actually remember is that they put my special chair in the room for me to sit in.

Stacey said...

How old were you?

Lauren said...

3 and a half when my brother was born, 6 for my sister.