Friday, August 17, 2007

Jeff gets a bite!

For those who may not know, Jeff finished his manuscript and has been sending out queries. The way it works is you send out "partials" of varying lengths to agents, and based on that small piece of your work they either reject you or get interested and ask for more. He's been accumulating the usual pile of rejection letters (10 and counting)...but this morning he also got a request for the whole manuscript!! Especially on the heels of the rejections, it is very affirming for Jeff that an agent finds the book potentially interesting and wants to see the rest. I, for one, am excited. We'll see where it goes from here...

Monday, August 06, 2007

OMG, there is a kitten in my engine.

So this morning I heard loud meows coming from my garage, and both my kitties were looking at me in my kitchen. I opened the door to the garage, and saw a tiny kitten under my car!! He was stuck in the garage all night, poor guy. I opened the garage door to let him out, but he didn't go out, he disappeared. I looked all over the garage, still hearing the meow, which sounded like it was near the car but I couldn't see the little guy anywhere.

So I popped the hood. And saw a little kitten head staring back at me. Which then promptly disappeared as he burrowed himself deeper into the engine. Now what? After a few minutes of searching the engine and poking at it with an umbrella I couldn't find him, so I thought maybe he ran out. I closed the hood. About a half hour later, I took Jeff into the garage with me and he opened the hood, just to be sure, and THERE HE WAS, right on top. Had I been expecting it I could have grabbed him, but he wriggled off into the depths of the engine once more. We decided to leave some food out and leave the hood up in hopes that he would come out. I was trying to go to the gym I just joined (free childcare!), so I had to lug the car seat out of my car and wrestle it into Jeff's.

When L and I came home, the food had been eaten, so I *guess* this means the little bugger found his way out. But I am petrified to start my car. I really needed a visual confirmation on this one, you know? Let the paranoid checking begin...