Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Overdue Halloween pic

Here is Miss Leia in her Cinderella outfit (minus the tiara, which lasted for maybe 5 minutes). She loved trick-or-treating, and if she hadn't been sick with a cold and wheezing like crazy she could have gone on for hours. Oddly enough she had the exact same illness last year, and I kept her in, but good luck keeping an excited three-year-old from the magic of Halloween!

On an unrelated note, my IRB stuff got submitted today. Now all I have to do is anxiously await approval...

Monday, November 05, 2007


I finally had my proposal meeting today, and I passed! That means my topic is approved, and pending IRB approval I can collect my data. Unfortunately the University's IRB approval process has gotten much more complicated since the last time I had to do it.
You see, it used to be that the "IRB" was one professor - you filled out a 2-page form and gave him a copy of the materials you were using, and he approved you. Now it is a proper IRB committee, replete with deadlines and procedures and all that nonsense. Oh well. I am a little stressed about that, but hopefully I can get it done relatively quickly.